Day 13 Christmas Eve

Land Ahoy!

We woke up to the sight of land on the horizon. Lanzarote!!

After 2 beautiful days of rowing in flat calm conditions assisting us perfectly towards our desired bearing it was time for it to change. Almost as if Mother Nature didn’t want to let us out of her grasp with our broken rudder just yet, until she had made us work harder than we had ever worked before.

Conditions were hard going, we had small choppy waves coming from the east. It made every shift a slog to stay on course. Hard to average over 2knots. 

As we rowed and came closer to land we got phone reception for the first time in nearly 2 weeks. It was so good getting messages and updates through from home. The boat was noticeably quieter from there on out!

Chris and I were on the 10pm-Midnight shift. The conditions were too difficult to make any decent progress on our desired bearing and after continually trying and being blown off Course and then pulling Rose back round to be blown off again we decided to drift for the last few mins of our shift and make tea for the lads. We woke the other watch with cups of tea and brought in Christmas Day bobbing just off the Lanzarote coast with a cup of tea! Cheers!

~ Duncan @rowingroy