On day 21 we spend another couple of hours on the watermaker and to our surprise the damage was not that much. For a while we could even had it running again but the main issue is a very small and simple issue but we are not able to fix that on the water. The metal pin where the positive power cable is connected too has been broken off and we can not find a way to connect it well enough so it can deal with the resistance. While we’re rowing straight between the two most western islands of Cape Verde (Sao Antao and Sao Vincente I decided to make a short stop tomorrow evening at the capital Mindelo a Sao Vincente just two miles out off our route. We will try to get our metal pin soldered an take for safety and less hand pumping at least 250 liters if drinking water. We lost too much time now for the world record from Europe to South-America but from Mindelo we can aim for a new world record from Africa to South-America. In 2018 I set that with a team on 27 days. Last year with team 5 nations I brought it down to 26 days. Let’s hope this year we make it 25!

Ten minutes before the end of the shift we wake the other’s to prepare for their two hour rowing shift and sometimes you mention the sleep deprivation among some of the rowers like last night:

Predragh: “Shane ten minutes!”

Shane: “Ten minutes to what?”

Predragh: “Ten minutes to rowing?”

Shane: “Rowing to where?”

The other night Darragh woke to take a piss wondering why there was no snow anymore and why his ski’s where gone!

Maybe some of us can do with some good night rest for one night on land coming night. And off course we are all in for a good meal and a shower!

from Ralph's Facebook Page