On day 19 the watermaker refused to start again. Yes again cause since last year we gave this issue once in a while. A negative connection gets corroded. Last week it happened for the last time. Just disconnect, sandpaper it and connect it again. This time I thought it would be the same but it was not. I went through all the connections, fuses, measured voltage but couldn’t find anything till suddenly also gps, repeaters, AIS and autopilot stopped working. Damn that’s more serious. Where did that came from? We are going nowhere like this. It kept me busy for an hour. At great relief finding out that it was simply a connection that came off during the watermaker checks. And as for the watermaker that was also fixed a bit later by reconnecting the cables on the switch board on the spot where the unused stereo is.

While winds and currents are pushing us straight to the western islands of Cape Verde with the decreasing speeds that we have now. We are thinking about a short lunch stop of a couple of hours at Mindelo in Cape Verde and start from there with an extra world record attempt from Africa to South-America cause the record from Europe is getting out off reach. Last 2 years we did that succesfull. Setting the record in 2018 to 27 days and bringing it last year back to 26 days.

from Ralph's Facebook Page