In the end of the night of day 18 we had a really weird experience while we’re all pretty down to earth.

Around 06.30 GMT Livar looked up in the air to the stars to starboard side and noticed something very strange. A line of lights as bright as stars where moving from west to east. Not shooting stars cause they go a lot faster. These ones suddenly appeared in a sudden area moved over to the east and after about a minute disappeared again. Not a few ones but hundreds of them all traveling with the same speed, on the same track in the same direction but not equally from each other. Sometimes a lot in a short time then with more space between them. He thought he was hallucinating at the end of a long night. But as hallucinations it looked absolutely real to him so he called the two rowers, Predragh and Darragh behind him and pointed them to the same area. They where as amazed. Livar thought Ralph has to see this. He woke me up and pointed to the sky. WTF! Was the first thing I said. Amazing what the hell is this. Nobody of us saw or heared anything about this before and neither of us didn’t come even a bit close to a reasonable explanation. Curious if there where some similar sightings worldwide early in the morning of the 22nd or cause it traveled from west to east maybe Donald Trump is up to something!

from Ralph's Facebook Page